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  1. Thanks for the quick update, the map is awesome as always. I cant wait to see the future improvemrnts and hopefully extended areas moving forward. Found the update on the SCS forum not sure why its not updated here.
  2. Hi guys Firstly i would like to say thanks for keeping this map going, it's by far the most alive map out there & my favorite map. Hoping you can find some time at some point to continue to expand on it down the track. Thanks for bring it upto date witht he new materials. I have a question I'm hoping someone could answer. On the old website you used to have a link to a Truck skin mod as well as a trailer skin mod that not only included skins but additional traffic & cargo. The last time I downloaded it was for version 1.43 & the aurthor noted he was workiong on updating it as well as adding some of the traffic that was no longer compatible. It's not on this new forum (or I'm blind & just dont see it). Does anyone know if it's still being updated & if so were I can find it? In find it's a great addition to the immersion of the game & the Hungarian Map experience. Thanking you in advance Marsalis
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    A discord server would definetly be a bonus
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